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Louis Beysson

Geri’s Secret

Translated from the French by Laetitia Collier
Preface by James J. Gifford
2020 – 107 pages – 14.5x21cm – 20 € – ISBN : 978-2-9551399-9-8

Victor, a young boy from Lyon is sent by his parents to a religious boarding school in Switzerland. There he meets Geri, an Italian boy from Florence, who is younger than him and in delicate health. The two boys immediately strike up a special friendship of incredible intensity set in an exhilarating environment.
But Geri seems to be hiding something : even when his friend presses him against his heart, gives him the most affectionate and passionate kisses, he cannot help but shed a tear, without ever revealing why.
By the end of this beautiful love story, it’s then up to the reader to judge whether Victor ever discovered what terrible secret Geri was hiding.

It is astonishing to discover that we owe this autobiographical tale to a young, twenty-year old man. But the biggest surprise and what gives the novel its exceptional nature, is that it was published in 1876 Republican France!

The afterword will paint a portrait of its author, writer and painter Louis Beysson (1856-1912) along with the story behind this masterpiece, which was reedited in 1884 by E.Dentu.